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4 August 2012
“Volkhovskaya” honey beer sampling!
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30 April 2012
Air conditioners
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Hotel “Volkhov”

Hotel “Volkhov” is located in the centre of a historical part of Novgorod the Great, in immediate proximity from the ancient Kremlin and the Sofia embankment. The hotel combines all the components for residing during a business trip or travel: modern technical equipment, service and the best conditions for having a rest. The vicinity to the centre of the city business life and convenient transport opportunities create comfortable conditions both for active work and for a good rest which is needed after a busy day.

We are always glad to see you in our hotel! Let us remind you, that registration of the hotel guests can be:

- for citizens of the Russian Federation ONLY with passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;

- for children under 14 ONLY with the certificate of birth;

- for foreign citizens ONLY with passport, visa, that allows the entrance in the territory of the Russian Federation and migration card.


50-year-old hotel “Volkhov” is the oldest hotel in Novgorod the Great. Its construction has been dated for celebrating of 1100-year-old anniversary of the city. The four-storey hotel with wide marble ladders, spacious halls and high ceilings in a just built up after war city seemed magnificent. Indeed, “Volkhov” Hotel was always popular with visitors of Novgorod. However, it became really comfortable and sophisticatedly attractive after it has become a part of Novtourinvest Hotel Group company in 1997.

Full reconstruction of the building has transformed the Soviet “hostiniza” into a modern, comfortable hotel satisfying all the three-star standards without changing an initial architectural plan and keeping all positive features of the Soviet-time construction.

Many famous figures including politicians stayed in hotel “Volkhov” during its semicentenial history. Many stars of national cinema and stage were very pleased with the service of the hotel. Huge number of participants of such film festivals as «Smile, Russia!» and "Veche" only make a whole Zodiac circle themselves.

“Volkhov” Hotel satisfies various needs of its guests and moreover does its best exceeding their expectations. Technically equipped conference hall for businessmen, a travel agency and a souvenir bench in a hall of the second floor for tourists are always at your disposal. Convenient rooms and a lobby-bar with the fresh press, a sauna with a small pool and a massage room are available for all our guests . And, of course, you are always welcome in our restaurant, the major component of the hotel complex.

“Volkhov” Hotel is a landmark of our ancient city: with its rich history, high level of service, answering to all the high requirements of the modern world.

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